Get some flowers for your house and you will send the right message. Image courtesy of iStockphoto/Thinkstock.

Want to blow away your date when you take her home to your place?  Get flowers.

And I don’t mean get her flowers – I mean get some flowers for your house.  That will be a total mind bending experience for your lady friend because she won’t believe that you have the character within you to do something like that.  It will tell her that you’re artistic and very caring without you having to rent a puppy for a day.

I know the two things you are thinking to yourself – 1. will she question your sexuality and 2. how will you pick the right flowers for your house?

Here are the answers – 1. the question may run through her head, but your awesomeness should totally kill that question to begin with and 2. picking the right flowers should be easy.

First off, don’t try to get crazy with colors.  If you’re color blind, have no idea what matches with what and have no sense of style whatsoever go with white.  It’s clean, will go with whatever you’ve got in your place and will totally give a calm and relaxing sense to anyone who sees them.

Second, don’t get roses or any other flowers you have no idea about.  My recommendation – go with white tulips or white calla lillies.  Those two flowers are classy and pimp at the same time.  Make sure to get a bunch and get them a day before you have your lady friend over.  After a day, they have a tendency to sit and make really cool looking shapes (you can tell her you did it on purpose).

Finally, make sure to put them in a clear vase.  I prefer to use a vase that is either oversized or narrow and wide.  These vases give the flowers a great proportion and style.

And please don’t forget to clean your house.  The last thing they’ll notice if your house looks like frat brothers live in it are the flowers you picked up.

Try it out next time you’ve got a sleepover with the ladies and let us know how it works for you.


To create Essential Style for Men, mix 2 parts petrol, 1 part secret agent, 1 part rock and roll, 1 part hip-hop and a shot of tequila in a shaker with ice and vigorously shake for 20 seconds. Pour into a martini glass rimmed with explosives and have a supermodel serve for all your friends to enjoy.