Humility - it's good for the soul. Image courtesy of iStockphoto/Thinkstock.

Ever heard of a man named Ingvar Kamprad?  Probably not.

He’s the founder of IKEA.  Yeah, IKEA.  The place you hate going to on Saturdays but end up going there anyway because you need some furniture for your crib.

Rumor has it that he is one of the most simple and humble human beings on the face of the earth.  He flies coach.  He drives a beat up Volvo.  He even asks IKEA employees to write on both sides of the paper! (Don’t believe me?  Check out his Wikipedia entry.)

He is the perfect example of someone who definitely has it and definitely does not flaunt it. 

How many people have you met that drive that sports car but can barely make the payments?  Wear the nicest clothes but don’t own a car?  Carry a buttload of cash around when you see them out but always borrow money?

It’s simple – if you have been blessed with anything from a good career, great skills or incredible smarts, there is no need to flaunt it around and parade it to everyone in the world.  It’s just good form.

Besides, there is always going to be someone out there that is smarter, richer and more skilled than you are.  You don’t want to be mouthing off about basketball when Michael Jordan is sitting in the next table, do you?


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