The wingwoman t-shirt from

The wingwoman t-shirt from

After being married for a few years but still hanging out at the clubs and bars (with my wife of course), I finally realized who the best wingman is – a woman.  Here’s why:

You are less creepy when you are with a woman.
Ever been with a bunch of your boys at a bar and tried to pick up some girls?  Did you have any luck?  Unless you were a group of good looking millionaires, the answer will most likely be no. 

The reason for your bad luck – a bunch of guys are scary.  It’s a simple formula: every time you add a dude to your pod, subtract 5 from the approachability quotient. 

But the great news is the formula works the other way with women.  The more women you add to your pod, you add 5 to the approachability quotient.  Add 10 if the women are hot and easy to talk to.

Women can talk to other women.
I’m sure you have experienced this at some point in your life.  You were hanging out with a female friend or cousin and they struck up a conversation with another woman.   If you were smart (but you probably weren’t) you would have had that eureka moment – that you need a woman to talk to another woman.

The best person to give advice about a woman is a woman.
Duh.  That’s why you talk to your girlfriends when you are having problems with your girlfriend.  What you want to do is take a proactive approach to the entire situation even before you start dating someone.

Try typing up the word “wing woman” in Google and here are some things you will find:

So the next time you want to roll out with your boys to look for some ladies, think twice and maybe take your girlfriends instead.


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