Sorry ladies, I can't stop staring at the volunteers. Image courtesy of iStockphoto/Thinkstock.

You know, sometimes you have to say to hell with reason and splurge on something that doesn’t make sense, but makes you feel good. You don’t really need another pair of shades, especially that designer pair that costs $250, but you get it anyway.

And is it necessary to get the extra few ounces of the filet when the petite filet at the local steakhouse would suffice? Go big.

I say be selfish. Let’s maximize those good feelings for as long as possible.

Now if you think that is a bit obtuse, stay with me just a second longer. What moments in your life made you feel really good? The kind of thing that affected the person you are, because it was so monumental?

I remember volunteering in a pretty tough elementary school when I was in college. There was one first grader who was a bit of a hellion when I got there. I found out that he came from a home environment that was less than desirable. It made me really appreciate the opportunities that I had been given. I tutored him in math and after a while we became friends.

He was so eager to learn and with just a little bit of encouragement you could see the positive results. No matter how much he got out of it, I can guarantee you, I got more. I would leave the school feeling great. Not every day was easy, but we were working in the right direction and at the end of the school year his teacher told me he had made huge progress. I will never forget it.

Helping out a friend, doing something nice for a complete stranger, or volunteering or donating to a worthy cause makes you feel good down to your soul. There are plenty of organizations to help you find something that may speak directly to you. Teach an at-risk youth how to surf, adopt a puppy from the pound, or donate to some disaster relief. Know that you are making the world a better place, big man.

Be selfish!


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