This may be the best Valentine's day EVER. Image courtesy of iStockphoto/Thinkstock.

Fellas, I know you spent a ton of money during the holidays and New Years was just last week, but I would definitely like to remind you that Valentine’s Day is around the corner.  The earlier you plan, the less of an impact it will be on your pocketbook.  You’ll be able to buy things a little at a time and make reservations early.

If you check out your calendar, you will see that Valentine’s Day lands on a Sunday.  I know you don’t want to spend for this, but a weekend getaway is a great idea.  Check out all the travel sites and you will see hotels and airlines are slashing their prices for travel to stimulate spending.

Here’s another hint – just buy flowers from the grocery and arrange it yourself.  You’ll get a great deal on flowers and they will be just as beautiful as the ones you get from the pricey florists.

Finally – don’t worry about getting an expensive gift this year.  I’m sure she will understand;  just get something thoughtful.  If you don’t have the mental acuity to be thoughtful, just ask her friends what they think you should get her.

Good luck!


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