The Bullet by Falcon Motorcycles.

The Bullet by Falcon Motorcycles.

Now this is a true labor of love – Ian Barry and Amaryllis Knight get original motorcycle frames and parts from original BSA’s, Triumphs and other marques to create modern road vehicles that are as beautiful as they are classic.

I saw an article about this company on Los Angeles magazine, but unfortunately was unable to view more information about them until I checked out their main website.

Here is an excerpt from that website:

Falcon Motorcycles are custom built, original bikes, that begin as the salvaged frames and engines from vintage British motorcycles and are then rebuilt entirely from the ground up.

Nearly every part and every portion of the frame is remade, refurbished, customized and/or altered. The engines are re-machined, polished, lightened, ported, re-engineered and fitted with modern upgrades, leaving no detail overlooked.

Original parts are sculpted and machined from raw blocks of reclaimed metal. Though you can see the Triumph engine or Norton backbone still framing the machine, the spirit is undeniably Falcon. The final goal is to create a wholly new motorcycle that is timeless, inimitable and understated.

No doubt about it – once I hit the lottery I am cruising over to Falcon to pick one up for myself.

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Check out the beautiful profile. So hot.

Check out the beautiful profile. So hot.


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