The Ferrari Challenge Stradale. Another car I wish to have in my possession.

I constantly have mental excercises about which modern cars will eventually be the most sought after cars in the future.  I’ve proclaimed the Alpina Z8 as a soon-to-be classic in a previous article and I think my next call will be the Ferrari Challenge Stradale.

What are my criteria for making such decisions?  It’s fairly simple really:  a marque that is well known for making quality cars, exclusivity, impeccable design and of the utmost importance – how it makes you feel when you see and drive it.

Look at it and tell me how it makes you feel. Does it make your heart go "pitter-patter"? Mine too.

That feeling is unfortunately the most unmeasurable factor in my equation but I feel it is the one that makes the most difference.  In my opinion, the feeling that you get with certain cars make the difference between a potential million dollar investment and a potential clunker sitting in your garage.

To be honest with you, I don’t need to see a Stradale to get that feeling.  The Ferrari 360 Modena already does it for me.  Unfortunately, without the exclusivity factor figured in, it’s hard for a regular 360 to be named a classic.


Here’s a little excerpt about the Stradale from its Wikipedia entry:

The Challenge Stradale (or CS) was a later addition to the road line. It was essentially a lightened version of the Modena, dropping 110 kilograms and drastically improving its handling through optimizions such as uprated titanium springs (lowering unsprung weight), stiffer bushes (from 360 Challenge cars) and uprated rear anti roll bar (the same anti-roll bar as used on 430 Scuderia). Changes included larger 19″ BBS wheels, the use of carbon fiber for the frames of the seats and mirrors, titanium springs which were also 20% stiffer, and Carbon fiber-reinforced Silicon Carbide (C/SiC) ceramic composite brake disks. A variety of option allowed for further weight reductions, including replacing the leather interior with fabric, removal of the power windows and mirrors, and leaving off the stereo. Lexan side windows were available in Europe only. It was officially introduced in March 2003 at the Geneva International Motor Show and went into production shortly thereafter. The CS can be compared to Porsche’s GT3 RS model in design approach and many magazines have placed them head to head in road tests. Jeremy Clarkson compared the two and chose the CS to be his favourite.

So given the opportunity to own this car, would I?  That is a resounding hell yes

Would I leave it in the garage?  Hell no.

I also did a little checking on and it looks like the Stradales are going for about $150k.  Time to buy more lottery tickets…


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