The modified Land Rover Defender by Aznom and Romeo Ferraris.

So like me, most car guys would LOVE to have the Land Rover Defender as their “go-to” car whenever they need to go on:

  • Safari
  • A midnight dinner with Lara Croft in Egypt
  • A surf trip down the California coast
  • A hunting trip in the country with royalty

To separate yourself from all the other yahoos out there, you can have the folks from Aznom and Romeo Ferraris update your Land Rover Defender to something a little more… unique.

You know Halloween is just around the corner. Image from

From front and rear bumpers made of carbon fiber to an interior made out of orange-tan leather and Alcantara, the Aznom treatment makes the otherwise stodgey Defender an SUV almost worth cruising around Sunset boulevard with your hot supermodel girlfriend.

Furthermore, Italian tuning house Romeo Ferraris has also upgraded the 2.4-liter turbo-diesel four to 152 horsepower, giving the Defender some function to go with its new form.

Such a pretty butt. The backside of the Aznom Land Rover Defender.

For more information about the Aznom Land Rover Defender, you can visit Aznom’s official website.  That is, of course, only useful if you can read Italian.


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