Late for work, late for work...

Despite the 6-figure price tag, the Bentley Continental GT has never made our Dream Garage segment simply because – well – they seem pretty pedestrian out here in L.A.  A crazy thought, I know, but hey why have a car in a dream garage that you see all the time?

So what makes this particular Bentley Continental GT so special?  Is it the $267,000 base price?  Maybe the 613 hp and 590 ft lbs. of torque?  Perhaps the ZF 6HP26 6 speed transmission?

Nope.  The real reason this car is so special is because they built it to run on both regular gas or/and ethanol.

The rims for the Continental Supersports.

Let me wait for a second while the heavens above you rips into two pieces.  “What the hell is the world coming to?  A green Bentley?”  Well I guess the term “green” may be a little overexaggerated here.  It’s not “green” because it drives 50 miles to a gallon, it’s green because you can use alternative fuels.  The engine is still going to use up fuel like a big dog drinking water after a 5 mile hike.  The folks over at Bentley just decided to create a car that wasn’t so reliant on fossil fuels.

Yep, that ass looks familiar.

As with every other Bentley, materials and finish are top notch.  You’re still going to feel like you are driving a Bentley both because you just spent $275k to buy it and probably because you will spend a ton of money to maintain and drive it.

But at least you aren’t killing the environment.  That’s what is most important.

For more information, you can check it out online at the official Bentley Continental Supersports website.


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