"I'm on a boat!"

Have you ever heard of a yacht that has been called the “the ultimate ‘SUV’ (Sports Utility Vehicle) at sea”?

Neither did we until we heard news of the Blohm+Voss 120 MY/X from Blohm+Voss.   It’s designed for the owner and 16 people to go everywhere and anywhere in the world with all their, ahem, “camping equipment”.  And by camping equipment, I mean submarines, helicopters, diving gear, wait staff of 30.

You know, the essentials.

It’s even built so you can have your friends park their helicopter on it as well in the event they want to join you on your Jacques Cousteau mission to the Bahamas searching for the lost treasure of rum.

The Blohm+Voss 120 MY/X. I would have named it "Bad Ass Boat".

Here’s a little more information about this incredible yacht from blohmvossyachts.com:

At water level a very spacious beach club distributed over two levels with access to bathing platforms provides a very unique setting for relaxing as well as entertaining.

The yacht has enormous storage capacities, there is space for tenders that range from 5,5m to 16m in length, a seaplane, an amphibian car and there is even space for an 8.50 m submarine.

Last but not least, for maximum aviation flexibility the yacht has been designed with 2 separate heliports. The primary helicopter landing area is located in the aft part of the Owner’s Deck and is strong enough to support a 5 ton load. Located just below the touch down area a fully enclosed hangar provides shelter for one helicopter.

The second helicopter landing area is located at the forward part of the Guest Deck with direct access to guest areas.

If all the aforementioned is still not enough, a viewing area located in the very forward part of the bow overlooking the sea at approximately 8.50 m height above water finalises the unique features of this very special yacht.

The yacht is very special indeed.

For more information, you can visit the official website of the Blohm+Voss Shipyards.


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