Everyone is saying that this is going to be the fastest Ferrari ever. I'd like to put that to the test.

Let me throw some stats at you:

  • 661 bhp
  • 457 lb-ft of torque
  • A power to weight ratio of 2.23 kg/hp
  • 0-62 in 3.5 seconds
  • Faster than a Ferrari Enzo and a Maserati MC12

Would the first thing you think of be a Ferrari 599?  Probably not.

Is that a bigger engine in your car or are you just happy to see me?

With Ferrari’s release of their latest incarnation of the 599 – the 599 GTO – the company has definitely released the beast from the gates of hell.

Here’s a little excerpt from Ferrari’s official press release:

The 599 GTO’s engine is directly derived from the 599XX unit implementing, however, the necessary modifications for road-going homologation. It thus complies with Euro 5 and LEV 2 standards. The 5999 cc 65-degree V12 engine punches out 670 CV at 8250 rpm with maximum torque of 620 Nm at 6500 rpm and there is a smooth, constant rush of power all the way to the redline with no loss of flexibility even at medium and low revs. This result was obtained by working on the fluid-dynamics and components to reduce internal friction and by adopting, amongst other things, the 599XX’s redesigned crankshaft. The car also has a racing-type intake system with a new manifold with diffuser-type intake geometry and short inlet tracts designed to improve power delivery at high revs and reduce losses. To maximise volumetric efficiency per cylinder, a connection between the two plenums at the front compensates for variations in the volume. This is how the engineers managed to achieve maximum performance at high engine speeds. The engine sound inside the car is carefully controlled to balance the intake sound with the exhaust, which features a 599XX-derived 6-into-1 manifold.

The 599 GTO features the same, lower 60 ms shift times and the possibility to make multiple downshifts as on the 599XX.

Translation?  This bitch is fast – you’ll be lucky to get coverage on your insurance.

They got the dry weight down to 1495 kg - it looks so cut without all that extra fat.

Interested in picking one up for yourself?  Ferrari is only planning to make 599 of these prancing horses and getting one will cost you about $600,000.

What every other car will be seeing in a drag race.

For more information, you can check out the official Ferrari 599 GTO page on Ferrari’s website.

Just like the original 599, but much much much much much much much much better.


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