Nice van. Not words that you usually hear paired in a sentence. It’s like ‘genius supermodel’, or ‘honest politician’, it just doesn’t work.

The basic Sprinter, for the 'low key' celebrity types.

Mercedes Benz is known as a purveyor of delicious automobile candy here in the states. But beyond our borders, they are known also for making super-compact cars, trucks (as in semis), and even tractors. One of their more utilitarian pursuits is the Sprinter. It is basically a box on wheels, ready to join a cargo fleet in Europe, or serve as a production vehicle in Australia. It’s a blank canvas that, with a little imagination, can become something pretty cool.

From Becker, just like mom's minivan.

The strip club comes with us!

The strip club comes WITH us

I’ve seen them hauling celebrities out to the clubs, or used as an alternative to flying, albeit for shorter trips. There are plenty of customization options, and plenty of customization houses to consider.  Becker Automotive Design will make you wonder why you need to check into the Ritz with their interiors.  Midwest Automotive Designs converts your van into a first class travel experience. Landjet is a bit more focused on the business minded, while Chalmers Automotive is perfect for those who want a little more recreation out of their vehicle.

Next time someone laughs at your van, you can sit back and smile, relax, take another swig of that cocktail, send a fax, and let the driver worry about traffic.


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