How many times have you been bouncing between the yacht and the hotel heliport asking yourself, “Where exactly do I put my cognac glass? Is there room for my bike, golf clubs, and DJ equipment in the back?”

I mean really, it’s like these helicopter designers have never dated a couple of 6-foot+ supermodels who just wanted to just stretch out after a long night of foam parties and posing for photos with the little people.

What is this... CLOTH!?

Mercedes-Benz has heard your plight and teamed with Eurocopter to produce the ‘Maybach for the skies’, the EC145 “Style” Luxury Helicopter.  No longer will you be forced to endure the waiting-room decor most manufacturers utilize for their interiors, and you can in fact customize the colors and materials to your liking (or to match that “Purple Rain” thing you’ve got going on in the stateroom).

Ladies, your style will no longer be "cramped"

Mercedes raided the parts bin and used the ambient lighting from the S-Class as well as the multi-configuration seating from the R-Class, meaning that the seats are mounted on rails and can be easily moved around to accommodate up to eight people (or four fat chicks if you’re having a really bad night- hey, they’re people too).

Welcome to the future. When you step out, everything will look old and busted. Sorry 'bout that.

I’m not  sure about the specs on the copter itself, and frankly I don’t even care if the thing doesn’t actually fly as long as they can use a crane to drop it in my backyard. I’ll just crank the Tiesto and pretend I can hear those rotors spinning overhead. Top off your cognac, miss?  Ooo look, I think I see Cannes!

And you thought I was kidding about the bike thing. Shame on you.

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