Just a guess, but if most people sat down at the dinner table and proclaimed that they were going to buy a new Ferrari Enzo and promptly take it apart they’d probably find a set of divorce papers on the doorstep the next day.

But most people aren’t Jim Glickenhaus. And you’re about to wish you were.

Rendering of the finished product.

Jim commissioned Pininfarina to build the famous Ferrari P 4/5, a car that was an homage to the Ferrari “P” race cars of the 60’s but created with a modern Enzo chassis and running gear.  It’s not like he couldn’t handle the 10 million+ price tag of the originals.. because he already owns two of them. Jim just had a crazy little idea and the means to pull it off; if you haven’t encountered this automobile in the last few years I’d like to offer my congratulations on finally coming out of the coma.

P 4/5 in the Pininfarina wind tunnel before being painted

P 4/5 in Paris.

P 4/5 wasn’t enough though- Glickenhaus wanted to go racing and–unlike in our households–the mashed potatoes weren’t flung at his head when he suggested buying yet another brand new car and rebuilding it from the ground up. With the delivery of a new F430 Scuderia the dream of a competition model was a little closer to reality, and to twist the knife in just a bit more he also formed the racing team with his wife: Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus.



After. No, seriously.

The objective here is to compete in the 2011 24 hour running of the Nurburgring in the GT2 Experimental class, and possibly some others afterwards, but unlike the fate of most racecars today when the racing days are over P 4/5C is actually going to be road-legal and registered. Thank about that for a second- from a 24-hour enduro race to idling in the Wendy’s drive-thru with the A/C blowing.  It’s a pretty amazing feat today, but back in the early days of racing nobody thought twice about it (although A/C usually wasn’t on the option list).

LM Gianetti is currently in the process of building P 4/5C and from the looks of some recent shots they are on schedule to start testing in January:

Carbon Fiber is the stuff dreams are made of. Literally.

We’ll be revisiting this one as they get closer to rolling her out of the shop, but do yourself a favor and check out the progress via one of the following channels as updates are posted every couple of days:





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