It's pretty incredible what Roland Sands can do with a motorcycle. The RSD V-Rod.

If you’re a bike guy, then you are definitely familiar with Roland Sands and the work that he has done over the past several years.  He’s created some of the most unique and amazing concept and roadgoing bikes… ever.

A former road-racing champion, Roland Sands shifted gears from racing to creating and used his racing background to create an amalgam of street racer, street fighter and cruiser.

3/4 view of the RSD V-Rod.

Featured here is the V-Rod concept bike, blending some of my favorite things on the original Harley Davidson V-Rod with some of my favorite things on race bikes (such as a big, fat rear wheel).

I don’t even know how much a bike like this would cost, so I’m not even going to ask.

I like big butts and I cannot lie.

Here’s a little excerpt from Roland Sands’ wiki:

Sands is from Long Beach, California. He began his life with the upbringing and diverse experience in the motorcycle industry. His first motorcycle was a RM 50 dirt bike, given to him on his 5th birthday, to which, after just minutes of riding, he broke a bone, but fell in love with it anyway. He literally grew up in the Performance Machine shop, and started working there at age 14 sweeping floors. Quickly moving up to assembly, sanding polishing, wheel designing, eventually working his way as Director of R&D and Design at Performance Machine. In 2005, after the tremendous success Sands found on Discovery Channel’s Biker Build-Off vs. Arlen Ness, Sands founded Roland Sands Design. RSD designs concept motorcycle parts and accessories and builds custom motorcycles. RSD works with major motorcycle manufacturers to design concept and prototype motorcycles and promote benchmark product in the motorcycle industry and beyond. Sands’ designs are described as being a mixture of sport bike and chopper influences to create the ultimate custom bikes.

I have a feeling a lot more of Roland’s bikes are going to end up in our Dream Garage.  Stay tuned.


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