Snow White and the 4 passengers. Going 200 mph. (All images from

So what if you thought the Porsche Panamera looks like a turtle?  So what if you think the boot of the car looks like a video vixen from the “I like big butts” music video? So what?  SO WHAT?

Well, I actually agree with you.  Needless to say, when the car first came out in photos I was seriously unimpressed.  Fortunately, the car strikes a chord when you see it in person.  Not a sharp D, more like a flat C.  But it still strikes a chord.

Like a bad man who just got arrested. "Turn to your right please!"

Enter the TECHART Porsche Panamera Concept One.

Feel a little rise coming?  Yeah you know the folks from TECHART know what they’re doing when it comes to tuning Porsches.  From the 22″ TECHART Formula III forged light alloy wheels in exclusive dull (really?) platinum gray to the body kit, this white fantasy comes screaming into your dreams and can fit up to 3 Victoria’s Secret supermodels.

Neon green is so hot right now.

Here are some more details from the original article on DUBDaily:

The TECHART engine optic package with carbon fiber engine covering, TECHART logotype and flash red coating already makes the visitor to the trade fair stand feel the power of the Panamera Turbo – increased once again by TECHART with a power thrust of up to 150 hp.

As far as the interior goes, TECHART added full leather finish in the cocoa and white color combination, leather applications on trim parts in cerbero, as well as manually processed decorative stitching in phosphor green masterly reflect the unique external appearance in the interior as well. White carpeting in the vehicle’s interior and trunk, the roof liner in Alcantara and the white face with phosphor green digits complete the unusual individualization.

Finally an ass that can make you proud.

So are you ready to get one of these bad boys for yourself?  Hang on there partner, it just debuted at the Geneva Auto Show this month so details are unavailable as of yet.

For more information about TECHART, you can visit their main website here.


To create Essential Style for Men, mix 2 parts petrol, 1 part secret agent, 1 part rock and roll, 1 part hip-hop and a shot of tequila in a shaker with ice and vigorously shake for 20 seconds. Pour into a martini glass rimmed with explosives and have a supermodel serve for all your friends to enjoy.