WHY by Wally Yachts.

I love picking up the Robb Report and finding things that are so amazing that you hardly can believe they exist.  Well, the WHY 58×38 from Wally Yachts doesn’t exist – yet, but is in the process of being built as a collaboration between Hermes and Wally Yachts.

The WHY 58×38 is a 190 foot long and 125 foot wide vessel designed to be more like an island instead of a yacht.  According to this month’s article in the Robb Report, one of the boat’s designers (who also happens to be the creative director for Hermes) stated that the “first priority in designing WHY 58×38 was to produce a highly stable, slow moving boat with ample space to encourage life at sea.”

Imagine parking this thing.

For more information, you can check out the article in the February issue of the Robb Report.  You can also visit the main WHY website here.  On the official site, you can read up on vessel statistics, why they decided to make the boat in the first place and who is involved in the project.

Plenty of room to party.

Why? Because we can.


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