No, we don’t all have Jay-Z’s pockets, and our last name is not Gates.  So let’s go car shopping in reality for just a moment.  Well, I suppose it may only be in virtual reality (read: Boss, I need a raise!).

She must do lunges, because that is one hell of a rear end.

She must do lunges, because that is one hell of a rear end.

Let’s start with a V-8.  Not just any V-8, but AMG’s hand built 6.2L V-8 that puts out more than Paris Hilton.  Those 518 horses are going to get you from 0-60 in 4.4 seconds and a top speed of only 155 mph.  Now, I say only 155 because if you upgrade to the Performance Package, they are going to let the brains of the car know that it is ok to top out at 186.  To understand the real world application of all those numbers, it means getting from L.A. to Vegas 2 shots earlier than your friends.  The folks at Mercedes gave the E Class some simple, classy lines and AMG made them, oh just a little bit nastier.

With all of the competition in the high performance midsize category, AMG also did a number on the suspension in order to take those corners a little bit more quickly.  For those of you that are going green, don’t worry, the new E63 can be up to 12% more fuel efficient.  I know you were worried about it…it’s going to be ok.  In case you are thinking “where am I going to put the dog?”  Fear not, they are making a wagon out of this beast, too.  So buckle up, we’re going to the grocery store!


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