Collar up, collar down, layered, doubled up, there is no wrong way to wear a polo shirt.

What a d-bag.

I stand corrected.

The polo shirt has been around for a long time. Brooks Brothers produced it in the late 1800’s, Lacoste gave it a go in the 1920’s, and in the 70’s Ralph Lauren made it the fashion staple that it is today. The genius of the polo is that it was made for sport, AND it looks good. Imagine going out to a club in your UnderArmour Heat Gear. Not gon’ happen. The polo is as great with some linen pants sailing to Monte Carlo as it is comfortable with cargos on safari in Swaziland.

Gratuitous hot chick shot. Marisa Miller in Victoria's Secret polo.

My take on the polo is that it should have a little color to it. Black or white is blase. Since the style itself is so conservative, you can go big with the color. Crazy shades of blue, or even more chick friendly shades like purple or pink are all good with me. The originators Lacoste and Ralph Lauren have an endless array of fit and color options, and Penguin and Fred Perry bring something a bit different to the game. Nike and Adidas have killer fabrics for golf polos, and Banana Republic and Hugo Boss make styley options, too.

 Just one last note, if your corporate logo is on your polo, don’t wear it out socially.


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