Levi's 527 jeans from Macy's. $44, player.

Oh man, if you are even thinking about searching for your own pair of $50 jeans, my recommendation would be to not do it.  The reason part 2 of this article took so long was because it was really a fashion unicorn.

Before I announce the winner, I think I need to clarify my physical build and the style of jeans I am looking for.  I’m average height and average weight – the kind of jeans I am looking for are jeans that can work for going out or for casual occassions which are low rise and boot cut.

I went to a lot of places to find a good pair of jeans, from American Eagle to Hollister to Old Navy to Gap to Macy’s… and more.  Unfortunately, finding a good pair of jeans under $50 was pretty tough:

  • American Eagle was too beat up and baggy
  • Hollister looked great, but was too slim fit
  • Old Navy’s jeans were just too plain jane and had no character
  • Gap was too expensive

I finally ended up in Macy’s to check out the jeans they had in stock.  Lo and behold, I found the brand that fit my criteria best: Levi’s.  The people that invented denim jeans are still keeping it real after all this time and all for under $50.  Furthermore, I am also pleased to write that their construction and denim are all very good.

The style I personally liked was the 527 jeans – pretty much because they were boot cut and low waist.  Fortunately for you, Levi’s makes a ton of styles for under $50 from the classic 501’s to the 550’s.  I especially liked the 501’s in the original dark blue color, but they aren’t very soft.

Levis' 501 jeans - always a classic.

If you check out the Levi’s website, the 527’s are $54, but I double checked Macy’s and they are definitely available for $44.   

Looks like I have found the fashion unicorn and slayed it for you, the reader.


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