Bunny ears - can be creepy to wear on Easter. Image courtesty of Burke/Triolo Productions/Brand X Pictures/Thinkstock.

Easter is such a great time of year for everyone who is in a Christian faith tradition.  From kids going Easter Egg hunting, to spending time with your family, Easter is a time to relax, enjoy and recount the many blessings you have received in your lifetime.

For us here at ESM, we just want to make sure our readers are duly prepared for the celebration.  We want to make sure you avoid these three fashion faux pas for this Easter Sunday:

1. Don’t wear all black
Good for New York and the goth party you went to last night, but wearing all black might scare all the kids at your mom’s place.  I would especially avoid the white foundation and black eyeshadow for this particular morning.

Hi mom! Let me cut the turkey... Image courtesy of iStockphoto/Thinkstock.

2. Your bunny costume.
Yes we know you’re into the whole “furry” thing and you just came from a convention.  You’re probably also thinking that it is holiday-appropriate too.

But it’s not.  So don’t.

Cute for kids, creepy for adults. Image from buycostumes.com.

3. Your Jesus costume.
Yes, he has risen.  No, you shouldn’t re-enact the scene by coming out of your cave after a week.  I’ve seen pretty accurate costumes during Halloween at West Hollywood, but doing so during the Easter church service may be a little… too much.

I'm here and ready to party!

Happy Easter everybody!


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