Aah, music.  How great is it that we can take around our entire music library in our pocket?  Who doesn’t own at least one iPod so you can tune out all of the distractions and submerse yourself in Beyonce?  That sounds a bit naughty… but you know what I mean.

B&W Zeppelin, covers Led Zeppelin to Ludacris

Since I am moving house, or rather, apartment, I needed some great sounding speakers that can produce some serious decibels and still look like they fit into a sleek, zen environment.  I’ve seen the B&W Zeppelin before, but honestly didn’t think the price could justify the purchase.  Then I LISTENED to the Zeppelin.  Now I understand.  The sound penetrated the room with authentic bass, crisp highs, and clear mid-range.  Most small speakers can deliver decent sound quality from the tweeters, but if the bass doesn’t give you the feeling that you are sitting in a massage chair, then what’s the point?

Beyond the purpose of reproducing great audio, the Zeppelin looks great.  The bold styling has made it the audio system of choice in more than a few resorts and hotels that I’ve stayed in, and I’m not talking the Motel 6.  Aesthetics, sound quality, originality, Bowers & Wilkins, bravo.


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