If you are found in one of these cars, it should be because you are rescuing her after a traffic collision. There are some cars that were built for, marketed to, and focus on women. These cars should probaly be avoided by men. Granted, you can take one of these cars, drop $15K into it and have a stylish ride. But if you are seen on the street rolling in a stock version, prepare to have your ESM card pulled.

The NEW VW Beetle – I used to drive this car. It was not macho. I received more looks from men (they thought it would be a sexy lady behind the wheel) then from women. The valet would walk up to the car with enthusiasm and then I would watch his shoulders drop when he realized there was a ‘man’ behind the wheel. If you use the ‘bud vase’ for anything other than a pen, you might be shot on sight – you’ve been warned.

Regardless of the color - mine was black - there is no saving you man-ness from this car.

Regardless of the color, there is no saving you man-ness from this car.

The SMART Car – The only thing worse then the smooth, lady-like lines of a VW Beetle are a total lack of horse-power and space. I present the SMART Car. This car says to me, “I only have enough room for one thing: you’re balls in the glove box.” Even worse, dealers are marking up these glorified golf-carts and gouging you on the price. An ESM rule of thumb, for every $20K you spend on a car, there should be 2 separate places in the car where you can make sweet love (fully reclined passenger seat, backseat, roof, hood, trunk). That’s not going to happen in a SMART car.

Overpaying for a car is not OK

Throw some D's on this bitch or get slapped like one

Black Swan