I’m a gun owner.  I’m not gun crazy, with rifles and shotguns and pistols in my gun safe, but I do own guns.  I keep them for home protection.  I’ve had a few different pistols over the course of time, and fired a few others.  I’ve shot clay pigeons with a 12 gauge shotgun, and even tried to hit a few targets from distance with a rifle.  We all know about Glocks, and probably more than a few readers have heard of, if not seen and shot, a Desert Eagle.  But today I’m going to let you know about my weapon of choice.

Bourne with the Sig Pro 2022

Bourne with the Sig Pro 2022

Sig Sauer began as just SIG in Switzerland in 1853.  Later they teamed with a German company named Sauer & Sohn and started a line of handguns in the 1970’s.  Now, I used to own a Glock 17, calibered in 9mm and it was a great piece.  It fired every time you pulled the trigger.  When it was time to upgrade, I went to test how a few of the top brands fit my paws.  The Sig Pro 2022  felt great in my hand, so I put a few rounds through it at the range.  The action was smooth and it felt like it was meant to be an extension of me.  This initial foray into the polymer frame market for the company did not disappoint.  I bought it with the tritium night sights and a couple of extra magazines (not the type you read, fellas) because it just seemed like the right way to do it.  With this dandy of a peacemaker, I reckon I’m ready for my International Spy duties.  All I need is another 10 years of intense training.

Bullet Tooth Tony and his 50 cal Desert Eagle in Snatch


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