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Every once in a while, I like to challenge my brain with men’s fashion scenarios.  For example: does shirt-cocking with a tux top qualify as “semi-formal”?  Or, does popping 4 collars at the same time make you 4 times a doucebag or just one big douchebag?

More recently, I asked myself this:  Does wearing an Ivy League t-shirt make you seem smarter than you really are?

I wonder if anyone has really put thought into that question.  Moreover, has anyone dared to try wearing an Ivy League t-shirt in the hopes of duping an unsuspecting victim?  My guess is that – subliminally – regardless of where you actually went to college people will automatically assume that you went there.

Think back to the last time you saw someone wearing an Ivy League t-shirt.  Did you think that person “must be smart”?  Did you even question their motives?  Probably not.

So, it would be logical to think that most people in the world would also not question whether or not you went to that school.  They’d just go on with the casual conversation just thinking you are a genius who was lucky enough to get an Ivy League education.

I know what you’re thinking: “Unless, of course, they went there.  Then you’d be screwed.”

Or would you?  Does the subliminal idea of brilliance automatically being associated with an Ivy League education go away that quickly?  Do you think by simply saying “no” you would negate that association?

I think not.

I would venture to say that even if you straight up said “no, you didn’t go to that school” a secret part of that person would still think you were brilliant.

So my friends, the answer is yes – Ivy League t-shirts will always make you seem smarter than you really are.  Unless of course, you really are smart.  Then you wouldn’t need the Ivy League t-shirt to get you the ladies in the first place.  You would need a life coach.

In fact, I am going to go get myself a whole stack of shirts for different schools right now just to show the world how brilliant I am.

Don’t believe me?  Just check out the image below and see for yourself:

The MIT grad formerly known as K-Fed.


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