Just imagine it packed with models. Female models. Female lingerie models. OK

Boom tuh tuh bap, boom buh boom bap… YEAH! Beatboxing, kid! You feeling it? Cool! Let’s round up some folks, and head to Hollywooooooood!

I don’t go out in Hollywood too much, despite the fact that I live in L.A. Traffic, parking and a line to get in are not so appealing, but do-able if the end result is worth it. Well, Drai’s may just be worth it. It sits atop the decadent, new W Hotel in Hollywood. It’s deep enough in the ‘Wood that traffic can be worked around, there is parking across the street, and of course valet, so now all you have to deal with is getting in.
I went to a decent little private gig there just last week, and the place is nice. It’s what a club is supposed to be. There are plenty of booths on different levels so everyone can see what the talent is like. There are poles for the go-go dancers, and for the regular hotties, too. The club was packed, and yet the multiple bars were handling the crowds with a certain ease. If you don’t want to worry about the line, make a dinner reservation. There are indoor and outdoor areas that seem to flow into each other and yet provide varying levels of clubdom. The inside is a packed dance floor and bottle service is a must next to the dj booth. As you move outside where there are private cabanas next to the pool, the vibe is still vibrant but also relaxed.

I hope the girl in white doesn't fall into the pool. Yeah I do.

I always wonder where the ideas are invented for club scenes in the movies, but Drai’s could be in a movie. Or you could always make your own (you dirty dog). Give it a shot, and don’t forget to tip your waitress!


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