No, this isn't a joke. Someone actually put this on the runway. Vivienne Westwood image from a article.

Since us folks at ESM have no budget to physically go to Fashion week, we instead opted to do the 3rd person account of the entire event by pining through miles and miles of homeless-preppy-workboot-college student fashion, as shown above from the Vivienne Westwood show.

As an aside, here is a little blurb from about the picture:

According to Westwood, the “roving vagrant” (ie: homeless person) was her inspiration, with handsome hobos parading around in slogan tees, quilted bombers, and paper crowns. Ms. Westwood was probably blissfully unaware that the collection was way too similar to “Derelicte,” the fake fashion line in “Zoolander.” Sadly, this isn’t a movie.

I couldn’t have worded it better myself.

Love this leather jacket from Billy Reid. Image from

Anyway, back to Fashion Week.  As I mentioned earlier, we weren’t physically there, so we had to rely on going through hundreds of images from to see what we thought were pieces that we would actually purchase. 

To be honest, I never really understood Fashion Week to begin with.  I would always see the clothes that would be shown on the runway and think to myself, “what the f%#&?!?!” 

Killer hoodie from Caulfield Preparatory. Image from

Our ESM Role Model explained to me: “What designers want to do during fashion week is cause a buzz in the community.  They’re not trying to make real clothes that people wear, they create fashion that people will talk about.”

Adam Kimmel liked Batman a little too much. Image from

Still doesn’t make sense to me.  After going through all the images for fashion week, I still think some of these mofos are crazy and can’t believe what they put out there.

Adam Kimmel - reminds me of my old physics teacher. Image from

One of the more surprising designers we loved this season was Adam Kimmel.  The first thing I thought to myself was, “didn’t he do the man show?”  Then I realized that was Adam Carolla and Jimmy Kimmel.  His stuff was great, but what the hell was the deal with the crazy masks?

Nice suit. Ugly Face. Adam Kimmel image from

Another person that GQ dubbed as one of the hottest new designers in America is Billy Reid.  We found a couple of his pieces to look really solid, usable and timeless.

I would totally wear this suit when I am at a barn. Billy Reid image from

For outerwear, I really liked the stuff from Burberry Prosorum.  Maybe a little over the top, but they definitely looked really warm and stylish no matter where you were stationed.

Just the jacket. I have no desire to purchase the rest of the outfit. Burberry Prorsum image from

Retro sheepskin motorcycle chic. Burberry Prorsum image from

Whew – and we’re only at the B’s!  Stay tuned for other pieces from the rest of the designers – coming soon.

If you’re interested in checking some of the fashions out for yourself, you can see them in full detail on


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