"Look Jacobin, it's Fashion Week!" Image from ew.com.

Welcome to part 2 of our Fashion Week series. As mentioned in part 1, us folks at ESM are insanely broke and did not have any funds to actually go to New York to see all of this fashion firsthand, so we had to go through articles and images on GQ.com to see what we liked and we would actually purchase for ourselves.

We left off at the B’s, so we still have quite a ways to go…

90's style without the 90's shoulder pads. Calvin Klein image from GQ.com.

Italo Zucchelli did a killer job for Calvin Klein.  There were quite a few pieces and ensembles I wouldn’t mind owning.  The style was clean, simple and a clear homage to the 90’s – and the great part?  None of the models looked homeless.

A clean leather jacket with a quilted pattern at the bottom to keep it real. Calvin Klein image from GQ.com.

Although Calvin Klein still had some crazy designs that you probably couldn’t wear on the street without getting beat up, there were some pieces that looked good and (for me at least) had a lot of street cred.

One word: Miami. Calvin Klein image from GQ.com.

If you want to see the entire collection, go to the main Calvin Klein page on GQ.com.

All that's missing is something to strangle you with. Canali image from GQ.com.

Canali also had a very classy, high end, monochromatic, The Professional meets Italian royalty feel to their collection.  I like the leather gloves – no chance of leaving fingerprints on your victim.

Brown shoes with the grey suit. So Italian. Canali image from GQ.com.

This dude looks like he's crazy mad. He's just a crazy model. Canali image from GQ.com.

In a sea of crazy winter workwear/skiwear/shit you would never wear in reality unless you were in Alaska-wear from  D&G, there were a few suits and tuxes that caugh our eye:

Nice boots. They won't get you into the club though. D&G image from GQ.com.

This is what happens when you dress yourself in the dark. D&G image from GQ.com.

Check out this sick tux (top) with the crazy shoes.

The pimp double breasted tux by D&G. Just hope you don't have to do a lot of standing and sitting. Image from GQ.com.

Dolce & Gabbana also had a few pieces that were noteworthy among the sea of rock quarry worker fashion:

Very Neil Caffrey. Dolce & Gabbana image from GQ.com.

For some reason, this lapel caught my eye. Dolce & Gabbana image from GQ.com.

Although most of the Dunhill collection was pretty ho-hum (despite the socks over the pants look), this tux looked like a winner:

Think 50's Britain. Dunhill image from GQ.com.

I’m a big proponent for sportswear to only be designed and developed by people who actually do sports, so half of the Emporio Armani collection was out for me.  I did find 2 suits that I liked and thought would be good to have:

You just need the stones to pull this off. Emporio Armani image from GQ.com.

I would suggest actually wearing a shirt with this outfit. Emporio Armani image from GQ.com.

I’ve always been a fan of Ermenegildo Zegna, even if I can’t pronounce his first name.  The main images in the collection didn’t catch my eye, but the gray suits at the end of the series looked pretty dope:

Gray suits from Ermenegildo Zegna. Image from GQ.com.

They all look like lawyers. Ermenegildo Zegna image from GQ.com.

Oh man, I think I am just realizing what I got myself into for this whole fashion week series.  Hopefully, the rest of the collections for Fall 2010 suck and this whole thing will end with part 3.


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