Gotta love this porn director chic. Gucci image from

Okay here goes with our next installment for our Fashion Week series. 

Quite honestly, this was a much bigger task than I originally anticipated and I am now currently looking at all of these pictures with some disdain.  Unfortunately for the designers from this point forward, unless something looks awesome, I’m not going to like it.

That’s just too bad for the rest of the people down the list of 2010 fashion shows on

Not so sure about the tight white pants, but everything else is alright. Gucci image from

And for you – the reader – don’t worry that this series will last forever.  We’ll have cars and hot ladies back online in a quick second.  If you’re interested in seeing the previous articles in this series, check out part 1 and part 2.

Rock it out with Gucci. Image from

I’ve been keeping my eye on the latest collections from Gucci and I have to say they are right on point with their latest designs.  Mix a shot of 80’s porn star with 70’s rock and roll and you will have what Gucci used to conceive their latest concoctions.

Hermès image from

Interestingly enough, Hermès’ collection for Fall 2010 was refreshing to look at.  Although some of the designs have been done before at other shows, it seems that Hermès found a way to make it very unique and much more interesting.

I would never have picked this color out on my own. Hermès image from

There are a lot of leather trenches out there, but only this one made the cut. Hermès image from

We’ve never been shy about how much we love John Varvatos and his quintessential rock and roll style.  His latest collection doesn’t fail to live up to our expectations:

You've seen this sweater around, but this is the one you should buy. John Varvatos image from

A suit that's not really a suit. John Varvatos image from

I thought this all black ensemble was pretty slick as well:

About to rob a bank. In style. John Varvatos image from

I really liked the way Junya Watanabe paired suits with sneakers.  Definitely some sick style and a creative way of throwing it down for the casual set:

Business up top, party down low. Junya Watanabe image from

Perfect for musicians and hip hop moguls. Junya Watanabe image from

The words “Louis Vuitton” always make me cringe a little bit because the only time I ever hear those words is when my wife wants a new bag.  Fortunately for you, those same words should also mean “great collection for fall 2010”.  Check out these images below:

Always known for great bags, Louis Vuitton makes some great matching clothes as well. Image from

I always hike in thousands of dollars worth of clothes. Louis Vuitton image from

Although I’m not digging the pants-in-socks look, this next pairing of overcoat and blazer is a winner in my book:

Where's my Ferrari? Louis Vuitton image from

Oh man, going through some of these collections is just painful.  Luckily, Paul Smith helped break up the madness with unique cuts, colors and some flair:

Paul Smith image from

The "my only jacket was a tux jacket" look. Paul Smith image from

Perry Ellis always gives me gnarly flashbacks of when I was much broker than I am now and had to shop at Marshall’s and Ross.  John Crocco has successfully saved my image of the brand with these fantastic looks:

I never thought I would say suspenders are cool, but... Perry Ellis Signature image from

A modern combination with a monochromatic hue. Perry Ellis Signature image from

To make things even more mind-boggling, the Perry Ellis Signature suits are pretty dope too:

Double breasted. The suit, not the girl. Perry Ellis Signature image from

Ascots are for studs. Not really. Perry Ellis Signature image from

Ugh, I’m sorry – I lied that this was the last part of this series.  My eyes need a break and I am positive the next part of this series will be the last one.

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