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So you think your life sucks?  Do you think your job sucks, your life situation sucks or are you going through a really rough patch?  Don’t worry, you’re not alone.   With everything that went on during the recession, there are a lot of people going through a lot of life changes nowadays.

For many, they are facing some of the biggest challenges in their lives with seemingly no end in sight.  Their lives have been turned upside down and have had to make some tough life changing decisions.

But is it all bad?  Are these changes making your lives worse?  Can there be a proverbial silver lining found in all of this madness?

Our answer is a definitive “yes”.

It is during these times that opportunities exist for those who decide to rise up to the challenges.  Take for example, J.K. Rowling, the author of the multimillion dollar Harry Potter franchise.  When she was writing the first novel, her mother passed away, she went through a separation, was diagnosed with depression and was on welfare.

Another great example would be Oprah Winfrey.  She was born to unwed teenage parents, lived in poverty, “was molested by her cousin, her uncle, and a family friend, starting when she was nine”, ran away from home when she was 13, and had given birth to a baby when she was 14 (that died shortly after).  After years of hard work, she got to where she is today.

One more?  What about Tom Cruise, who lived in near poverty after his father left his mother, was abused when he was a child and suffered from dyslexia.  Now he’s just known as Tom Cruise.

We could probably go on and on with rags to riches examples, but the main point of this article is simple: the true test of a person’s worth is how he faces these challenges in life.  The bigger the challenge to overcome, the better you become.

Work hard and just have faith that you are going to make it through.  Before you know it, you’re on the other side of it wondering what the hell you were stressing about in the first place.


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