This is awesome! Wait a minute, there's a dude strapped to my back!

Thanks to the people from Bluefish, my life (and writing) remains entertaining.

In their most recent newsletter, they introduced Maverick Business Adventures’ “HALO Skydive”.  HALO stands for “High Altitude, Low Open” which in turn means: hang on to yout nuts because they are going to end up in your throat from all the screaming you will be doing.

Here’s a little excerpt from Maverick Business Adventures official website:

Activity:Skydive 28,500 – 30,000 feet (the cruising altitude of a jet airplane)

Only 50 civilians have ever done this! Prepare for the ultimate skydive adventure — a military-style, High Altitude, Low Open parachute jump. HALO was originally designed during the 60’s as a military maneuver to insert troops behind enemy lines undetected. Because you would jump from 30,000 feet (the cruising altitude of a commercial jet) so on radar everything looks normal.

The temperature up at 30,000 feet is about 25 degrees below zero and you have to wear a full oxygen mask for two reasons.

  1. Because at that altitude you’ll remain conscious about 30 seconds without oxygen.
  2. You need to pre-breathe pure oxygen for about 40 minutes to purge all the nitrogen out of your system to avoid getting the ‘bends’.

No skydiving experience is necessary because you’ll be doing a tandem skydive with an experienced jumpmaster. You’ll be trained by EX-military and get to experience the ultimate freefall of 2+ minutes (double any other skydive).

Do you think you have the guts to handle this kind of glory?  You better hurry because there are only 8 spots and the event will be from June 11-13.

Oh, and it will cost you $3,495.

For more information you can visit the Maverick Business Adventures official website, or you can contact Bluefish so they can make the arrangements for you.


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