The MEC tuned SLS AMG in white. Image from

I first saw the MEC Design SLS AMG on the latest issue of Heavy Hitters magazine and thought they did a pretty good job of enhancing the classic design into something that is a little more aggressive.

The MEC SLS in red. Image from

As I did more research, however, it seems that the purists and petrol heads in the internet world thought otherwise.  According to an article in Autoblog, “The Berlin-based tuner has been dreaming up how it could butcher the gullwing’s lines, and from the looks of things, they’ve done a bang-up job.”


The MEC AMG SLS in silver. Image from

I still like it and wouldn’t mind throwing some additional cash to customize my SLS AMG.  That is, of course, assuming I win the lottery and can buy one for myself.

We’re definitely interested to hear what your thoughts are on these design concepts.  Please post your comments below!


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