It's time boys. It's time.

Not since Rachel and Ross from Friends has two people getting together been so highly anticipated.

After watching the Mayweather-Mosley fight last night, the boxing world has all collectively decided that this fight needs to – nay – has to happen.

I mean, isn’t it enough that the geriatric crew from HBO Boxing is getting involved?  Isn’t it enough that each of you will be getting easily $20 million?  Isn’t it enough that all of your fans have been clamoring for it?

What will it take?

Each and every single boxing fan is continuously running scenarios through their minds.  Who is faster?  Will Mayweather’s defense neutralize Manny’s combinations?  Will Manny get some missles through and put Mayweather down once an for all?  Who will be in better shape? 

Here’s how I think it may go down:

Whatever the case, these scenarios need to become reality.  On top of that, HBO’s 24/7 should be 10 weeks instead of the typical 4.

It’s like drugs, man.  Drugs I tell you.

Once this fight does happen and it’s all over, my only worry is that the adrenaline will start to back down and there will no longer be a big fight to wait for. 

I guess it’s kind of like how people felt after they watched Avatar.


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