I was recently video chatting with a friend when he mentioned that my place looked like an insane asylum with the stark white walls.  I thought about it, and it made me feel a little bit crazy.  So what can I do to try to forget that my windows offer a beautiful view of the next apartment building?  Let’s see.  I have seen Peter Lik photo galleries when I was in the Forum shops at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas, and in La Jolla, California.  The large format landscape photos were always pleasing to the eye but also had a certain calming effect.

As a guy, I know that we can forget to put that decorative touch into our living spaces.  And besides, other than a 60 inch tv on our walls, what could we possibly need?  Well, just take a look and you might change your mind.

The photos are from all over the globe, places we have been and places we want to go.  There are pics from his native Australia that will make you ooh and aah.  Freeze frames from the Rocky Mountains that will help you chill out.  And shots of killer cityscapes that you can contemplate while your houseguest watches her Sex and the City marathon.

Check out his website for more at: www.peterlik.com

I just think that is sexy.


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