The Scalextric Digital PRO GT Set from Scalextric USA. Image from Scalextric USA.

Need something for Christmas that will make you feel like a 21 year old again? (And no, I am not referring to that 23 year old college girl neighbor you have zero chance of hooking up with.)

Check out this killer track car set from Scalextric USA – the Digital PRO GT Set.

I found out about it when the folks at Road & Track did a review on track car products that are extremely fun to play with.

Included with the package are 22 feet of track, an Aston Martin DBR9, a Porsche 911 GT3R, a Maserati MC12 and a Ford GT-R.

All you need to provide are some drivers, a few drinks and some gambling money.

As Martin Lawrence from Bad Boys once said, “This shit is about to get real.”

For more information on the Scalextric Digital PRO GT Set, you can visit the official Scalextric USA site.

Happy racing!


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