No more outlet shopping!  No more outlet shopping!  50% off crap is still crap.  Leave that stuff to the tourists who like the hot pink Hugo Boss polo with the logo emblazoned on the back.  That’s not for us.

What IS for us is killer stylee stuff for pennies on the dollar!  And if not, just great fashion that will allow us to pay for a new bicycle seat for our only mode of transportation.

The list is for L.A. and New York because it is.  Live there, take a trip there, or find your own deals in your own towns, I can’t do it all.

Barney's Sale. Yeeeaaaahh.

Let’s start in Los Angeles.

In July, there is Nordstrom’s Half Yearly, and the Barney’s Warehouse Sale.  Nordy’s is pretty organized and since they are more of a big department store, there is more to choose from.  Barney’s may have those really high end pieces, but you have to sift through a lot of stuff to get to it.  Their sale is massive enough to have been held in the Barker Hangar in Santa Monica Airport, but this year it will move to the L.A. Convention Center.  Another bonus is seeing the shopping crazed women in catsuits trying clothes on.  In August, Neiman Marcus holds their Last Call Neiman Marcus Sale.  Now since Neiman’s is more like a super boutique, there may be some smaller labels that have really great gear.  Hopefully you can find that one thing you’re looking for at an insane discount.  October is one of my favorites: The Fred Segal Sale.  This is the place for Hollywood Stars to blow all of their dough on edgy style.  Thankfully, during their sale, they are just trying to clean house.  So the prices get better every day that passes.  If you’re not sure that you want to spend $250 for some Japanese designer jeans (that originally cost $500), shove them in the bottom of the pile and hopefully when you go back in a couple more days, they will still be there and now cost $100.  November holds our last sale, the California Mart Sample Sale.  Before you go, take a look at the vendors and see whose showroom you want to hit up.

That’s it for Los Angeles.  We’ll get to New York on the next go round.  Save up those dollars, and mark your calendars.


Richard has been in the Essential Style for Men mix since its inception in 2009. When he isn’t busy serving as the ESM’s Director of Fashion & Style, you may find him on the beach playing volleyball, or working hard in Thailand shooting with a beautiful Brazilian supermodel.