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I have to admit this – when someone suggested we go to a club named “The Crocker Club”, I wasn’t exactly jumping up and down with excitement.

When I finally visited this venue, however, my tune changed and I was very impressed.

The Crocker Club is a former bank where the original vault was converted to be one of the VIP areas.  The rest of the club has intimate little rooms where you and your “friend” can get to know each other better in the event you wanted to get away from the dance floor and the madness of the rest of the club. 

There’s also a dance floor and two bars and some pretty cool bartenders ready to help you out.  Throughout the rest of the venue, the designers really tried keeping with the feel of the original building.

Fortunately for me, we were with a fairly large party that liked to party – and well – we like to party, so it was kind of a match made in heaven.

If you are planning to cruise over to this bar, please make sure to follow their strict dress code (which you can find on their website) and bring a couple of female friends.  Throughout the night, I got a feeling The Crocker Club wasn’t exactly the best place to go cruising for chicks (although there were a few there).

So the next time someone asks me to go to a club that sounds like cookwear, I’ll make sure to take their suggestion seriously.

The bar you see when you first walk into The Crocker Club.

For more informaton, you can visit The Crocker Club’s official website.


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