We’ve got a little over $71k and we’re trying to get to Africa and back home to the United States.  First things first, we’ve got to ship our cars and anything else back.

  • Shipping for 3 cars and other purchases during the trip: $10,000 estimated

This leaves us with $61,267.74.

Singita Boulder Lodge in Kruger National Park.

Stop 7: Africa (July 15-17), Grand Total: $52,537.05
Here we go – the last leg of our trip.  Can you think of a better way to end it than going on an African Safari? (And yes, this is much better than hookers and blow in Amsterdam.

  • 6 Business class, one-way tickets on Iberia from Barcelona to Johannesberg, South Africa – $34,508.97 (EURO 25,006.50 for all 6 tickets with an exchange rate of 1.38 EUR/1 US$) 
  • 2 Night stay at the Singita Boulders Lodge in Kruger National Park (all inclusive with safaris, food and drinks) – $18,028.08

We are now left with $8,730.69.  Time to go home.

  • 6 Economy class tickets on South Africa Airlines from Johannesberg, South Africa to Los Angeles, CA – $27,487.47

Damn.  We’re short $18,756.78. 

Lucky for us, we didn’t spend all of our spending cash throughout the trip and we each had $3,500 in our pocket (which totals $21,000).

We have enough money to get to L.A., hire cabs to drop us off at home and buy some more lottery tickets.  We can start the whole process over again!

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