What if you had the power to “Frankenstein” cars?

You know, get bits and pieces from each car and put them together however you wanted to?  I’ve seen it done a few times at West Coast Customs where they get the frame of a new car and attach it to the body of an old car.  They’ve also converted an S550 Mercedes from a 4 door to a 2 door.

If I had the time and resources, the first car I would work on would be the Dodge Viper.

Why?  Probably because I hate the front end of that car.  It’s got a great engine, mean looks and massive potential, but the nose of the car just kills me.

Since we don’t have a multi-million dollar shop, we have to stick with what we know: Photoshop.

We looked around at a ton of different photos to see what would work with a good Viper image.  We definitely wanted a black car, 22″ wheels with some sort of pinstripe and a new front end (probably from either a Dodge Charger or a Dodge Challenger to keep it in the same family).

Here’s the car we started out with:

The before shot.

Here’s the car with 24″ staggered wheels and a new front end:

The money shot.

Does the new design make you want to spend your next 12 paychecks on a downpayment?  Or do you think we should stop messing with car designs?

Are we just being straight up blasphemous?

Here it is in red:

So hot with Vossen wheels.



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