Cesar Millan and his posse

Cesar Millan and his posse

Anyone with a dog living in the modern world knows who Cesar Millan is.  Popularly known for his hit show, The Dog Whisperer, Cesar uses his knowledge to help people out with modifying unwanted behavior of their dogs.

If you’ve watched the show, you know that what he does is pretty amazing.  From the title, you would think that he could communicate with dogs, but he is actually a person who just studied them extensively.

So why do I think he is a bigger badass than you?  I present to you the evidence:

He is a pack leader.
In all of his episodes, he tries to teach his clients to become the “pack leader”.  All dogs live in packs (kind of like humans do) and they follow the animal has the most assertive energy in the group.  In every episode, he becomes that leader as soon as he walks in the door.

Now my guess is that you can’t turn the pack leader energy on and off.  Cesar does it all the time with ease and confidence.  He doesn’t even have to kick your ass to prove it either.

He changes peoples lives.
Are you a fireman?  Are you a guidance councellor?  Are you the Batman at night?  Unless you are the small percentage of the population that actually helps people for a living, you probably live your existence not making a difference.

Cesar Millan helps people become more positive and also helps them take control of their lives.

He will go up against the biggest, baddest dogs and make them submit to him.
I’ve seen Cesar work with a lot of “Red Zone” (ready to kill another animal) dogs and turn them into submissive lovable pets.  These same dogs will make grown men pee in their pants.

And last but not least – Cesar has his own TV show and is rich.  ‘Nuff said.


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