My top came off!!

"My top came off!!" - The Fisker S hardtop convertible

Oh, there you go - back again.

Oh, there you go - back again.

It was so easy before: convertible = ladies car and hard top = mans car.  It was a simple, elegant formula.  Now, with the advent of all of these “convertible hard tops” and “really cool looking convertible hard tops”, our world has gone sideways.

How do we know what is man and what is woman?  Will there be a label?  Can I make a mistake during a purchase?

Fear not my fellow men, we have the answers.  With the advent of the hardtop convertible, it is no longer that the car is a convertible, but that it is and always will be, a girl car.

Let me show you some examples:

  • BMW 328i hard top convertible – girl car
  • Volkswagen EOS – girl car
  • Lexus IS – girl car

Now for the other side:

  • Mercedes Benz SL Black Series – dude car
  • Fisker S convertible – dude car
  • 2009 BMW M3 hard top convertible – dude car

So no worries, gentlemen, a much simpler formula remains – if you think it is a girl car, it probably is.

Pop quiz, hotshot – girl car or dude car:


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