The beautiful Bimoto DB7

The beautiful Bimota DB7

I remember when my friend first said it, “Bikes are just so sexy, they look like they are moving even if they are standing still.”

For those that have never experienced the thrill of riding a motorcycle, it’s a pretty amazing experience.  No walls, no seatbelt, nothing separating you from the world around you.  With one turn of the throttle, you speed away with the wind in your face and your cares just melt away in the roar of the engine.

The ladies dig it too.  I guess it is just the thrill of being on something that can be potentially dangerous is appealing.  I remember the first time I got one, I was driving around my neighborhood trying to get used to it and as I pulled up on a stop sign, a girl came out of nowhere to ask if I got a new bike. 

Dragging a knee on a GSX-R 600

Dragging a knee on a GSX-R 600

But even though a motorcycle is awesome and potentially dangerous, you shouldn’t have to die on one.  There are people that commute every day on a motorcycle and keep themselves safe.  Motorcycle cops are on bikes for a living and they seem to get home to their families without a scratch.  

How do they do it?  They ride safe.  Here a few tips to enjoy that badass motorcycle and live to tell your grandkids about it:

  • Take a safety course. 
    These are offered in almost every city.  I would recommend taking this course before you purchase your bike because it teaches a lot of safe riding techniques that you will use in real life.  Oh, and did I mention that you won’t need to take the driving exam for your motorcycle license if you pass?
  • Keep the racing on the track.
    I know the power to weight ratio of bikes are insane – you can do 0 to 60 in a few seconds.  But you should keep your wits about you when riding on the street and race where you are supposed to race: on the track.
  • Keep the stunting in parking lots.
    I once saw a guy do a wheelie on a freeway as he was getting on the onramp.  He continued to do the wheelie as he was merging and went onto the fast lane.  He was nuts and he basically was an accident waiting to happen.  I like the show Superbikes! as much as the next guy, but I also want to be able to make it to where I am going.
  • Split lanes very carefully.
    The riders in California are lucky that they can split lanes legally.  This doesn’t mean you should split lanes all the time.
  • Accept the fact that people in cars won’t see you.
    One of the worst accidents I ever saw was one where the motorcycle was on top of the car and the rider was thrown about 20 feet away from the accident site.  People on bikes are quick, agile and tough to see – especially if you aren’t paying attention.

Check out the Ducati commercial below, to see how bikes can move people:


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