For $18,000 all of this should be happening in my bedroom

For $18,000 or more for a bed, all of this should be happening in my bedroom. Every night.

The image above is from Hastens Beds, Sweden’s oldest bed manufacturer.  They are crazy expensive, hand made and (from what I have read) the best bed money can buy.  If you’ve got the cash, you can check out what they have to offer by checking out their website here.

For everyone else, let’s talk about the most basic and fundamental thing a dude should have in his house: a bed.  After you have shelled out that $5,000 for the plasma, the next best thing to purchase would be a good bed.  Why?  So you get a good night’s sleep of course – but that isn’t the only reason.

The more important reason: ladies don’t like sleeping in shitty beds.  If you want the chicks to spend the night, one of the best things to make it happen is to have a soft, comfy and clean bed. 

The GRIMSTAD Bed frame from IKEA.  "Your bed looks like a sleigh!  Can we go for a ride?"

The GRIMSTAD Bed frame from IKEA. "Your bed looks like a sleigh! Can we go for a ride?"

Honestly, you don’t have to spend a ton for a comfortable bed.  In fact, you can go to IKEA and get yourself a pretty good looking frame.   Where you really want to spend the money is the mattress.  For me (and some people might disagree), the best mattresses to buy are from Tempur-Pedic, the original inventors of the “memory-foam” type beds.

Don’t have $1,000 to pay for the Tempur-Pedic?  Don’t worry player, I got you – for the most bang for your buck, buy a memory foam mattress topper.  You can grab one of these at Cosco for about $100 to $150 dollars.  Once you put one of those on your mattress, you will wonder why you never did that in the first place.

Remember – a good night’s sleep reduces stress and makes you a better man.  Now go out there and get yourself a little slice of sleep heaven.


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