I can't believe it - a phone with a CLOCK?!?!?! Incredible!

A couple of months ago, we wrote an article about Vertu – a phone company that creates phones that are ridiculously expensive, yet have half the features of a Blackberry or iPhone.

Being the phone snobs that we are, we found it great that Tag Heuer (a watch manufacturer we often feature in our online magazine) decided to get in the game with the MERIDIIST.

Croc skin.... playa.

Incredibly feature-poor, this phone can be purchased with the best materials, such as croc skin and sapphire crystal.  This is perfect timing for me, because my tailor just finished my croc-skin jacket/shoe ensemble last week.

For an uninspired review of the phone, you can check out Gizmodo for more information.  You can also get more information from the MERIDIIST official site here.

Now the final question would be: would I get one?  C’mon dude, I would buy a Vertu that costs $20k if I could.  Getting a similar phone for $7k would be no question (if I had the money).


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