The Royal Master Sealight Floor Lamp from Restoration Hardware. Its so ridiculous that it is awesome. Image from

So what the hell are they slipping into the Kool Aid over at Restoration Hardware?

If you haven’t been to their stores lately, they’ve taken an ESM turn for the awesome with incredible furniture, fixtures and lighting that would make any man’s home into a masterpiece.

Take for example the Royal Master Sealight Floor Lamp.  According to Restoration Hardware’s website, it is a “reproduction of a 19th-century British marine light used to transmit Morse code, our sealight evokes both grand ocean liners and Old Hollywood.”

How cool is that?

If you can afford the Royal Master Sealight Floor Lamp from Restoration Hardware, go get it and be the envy of all your friends. Image from

If you haven’t already, go check out the closest Restoration Hardware store near you.  You’ll love what they have done to the place.

And for the folks over at Restoration Hardware: give whoever slipped that stuff into the Kool Aid a raise.  He earned it.

For more information about the Royal Master Sealight Floor Lamp and other Restoration Hardware Products, please visit the official Restoration Hardware website at


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