Aman Resorts - some of the best resorts when it comes to luxury travel (

Founded by Adrian Zucha in 1988, Aman (sanskrit for “peace) Resorts started from a single location in Phuket, Thailand and has expanded to 28 luxury resorts in Bhutan, Cambodia, China, France, French Polynesia, Indonesia, India, Laos, Montenegro, Morocco, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Turks and Caicos Islands and the United States.

If you’re wondering why you never heard of these hotels, you probably haven’t been reading Conde Nast Traveler or  Travel & Liesure enough.  They have been getting high marks and good reviews since they started their operations.

Here’s a little excerpt from their Wiki entry:

Every Aman resort is unique, not only in its location, but in its design, mood and guest experience. Each is characterized by a small number of rooms (typically less than 55) and minimalist architecture designed to complement the resort’s natural and cultural setting. Indigenous building materials and techniques are used as much as possible to reflect the culture and country in which the resort is located. Also characteristic is a high staff count (typically four staff to one guest)and the absence of a reception desk, a lobby or bellboys. Aman resorts are designed to create the impression that guests are staying in a private residence. Guest accommodation is typically provided in individual private villas, bungalows or tents (in the case of Aman-i-Khás in India and Amanwana in Indonesia), often featuring private pools and outdoor lounging and dining areas. When Amanpuri opened in 1988, the combination of these features was groundbreaking in the luxury accommodation industry.

Not impressed yet?  Check out some of these photos from their website:

Aman Resorts, Bora-Bora. "Hotel Bora Bora".

Aman Resorts, Bali. "Amandari".

Aman Resorts, Thailand. "Amanpuri".

And if you’re wondering, yes, it’s going to cost you a pretty penny.  But think about it this way – you are going to have a vacation of a lifetime at one of these resorts.

For more information about Aman Resorts or their locations, you can visit the official Aman Resorts website online.


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