The Leica M9. Looks like a toy for kids, but is actually one of the best cameras in the world.

I am embarrased to even admit this, but the first time I ever heard about any Leica camera was when I watched the 2004 movie, Eurotrip

Known for making renowned lenses and cameras, Leica has been in the camera industry since 1913.  Oskar Barnack at Ernst Leitz Optische Werke developed the first prototype “intended as a compact camera for landscape photography, particularly during mountain trips, the Leica was the first practical 35 mm camera, using standard cinema 35 mm film.” 

Throughout the years, they developed many lens systems, such as the “Leicaflex” and the “Leica Visoflex System.  More importantly, Leica has made an indelible mark on photographic history by producing some of the best lenses in the world. 

Here’s a little excerpt from their website: 

Best Lenses
Ultimately, it is the lenses – and the optical quality of the sport optics products – that are chiefly responsible for establishing the legend and high ideals of the Leica brand. They are all precision crafted masterpieces – practical, compact, ergonomic, cutting-edge lenses for ultimate in analog and digital photography and observation. Their outstanding optical performance makes observing and capturing meaningful moments easy. Pictures taken with Leica lenses not only highlight the quality of their major aspects such as contrast, resolution and beautiful pictorial rendition but also demonstrate the capabilities of Leica products with regard to design, performance, and the ability to capture natural expression.


For more information about Leica Camera AG, you can visit the official website for Leica Camera AG or you can read more about them in their Wikipedia entry.


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