One of the rooms in the Tides South Beach. Image from

I’m embarrassed to admit I showed up really late in the game when it comes to realizing how awesome Miami is.  I guess that’s what I get for growing up without a lot of money and living in L.A.

For most east coast folks, I’m sure Miami is just a common vacation much like Vegas is to L.A.

But enough about how sucky my life was before I knew about Miami and more about the Tides in South Beach.  Known as “The Diva of Ocean Drive”, the Tides is a fantastic boutique hotel that (as most boutique hotels are) boasts amazing service, upscale design and a very intimate atmosphere.

You know you're in South Beach when you stay in a room like this. Image from

From the moment you arrive to the moment you leave, every person at the Tides makes you feel special.

If that isn’t enough, you’re on world-famous Ocean Drive, a short walk to the ocean and in the heart of South Beach.  Oh, and did I mention a killer happy hour?  ($2 drinks at 2 pm, $3 drinks at 3 pm, $4 drinks at 4… you get the picture.)

The cabana at the pool (although you're going to spend most of your time at the beach). Image from

So the next time you are thinking about heading to Miami, please make sure to book a room at the Tides.  I guarantee you are not going to regret it.

Insider tip: when you arrive at the Tides, get the inside scoop from their concierge.  They will be sending you to all the places the trendy, upscale locals go to.

For more information, you can visit them online at


This is a pretty cropped photo of their front entrance. If you plan to do happy hour at the Tides, this is the place to do it. Image from


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