September 11, 2009.  Today I thought back to the exact moment I heard about the World Trade Center attacks.  Most of us don’t consider our mortality unless we have a health issue, or a near death experience.  We take the days as they come to us.  We go to work, we go to the gym, handle some family duties, and maybe catch up with the boys during a weekend round of golf.


This article is dedicated to the memory of those that we lost on September 11, 2001.

September 11th has become a day where an entire generation reflects on life.  The victims were not soldiers at war in some far away place.  It happened in our own backyard, to people that were on their way to work, or taking a flight to see a friend.  It reminds us to really appreciate the time that we have and to make the most of it.

Challenge yourself to live your dreams.  Push yourself to get out of your comfort zone and try something new.  Say what you need to say, and do what you need to do.


Richard has been in the Essential Style for Men mix since its inception in 2009. When he isn’t busy serving as the ESM’s Director of Fashion & Style, you may find him on the beach playing volleyball, or working hard in Thailand shooting with a beautiful Brazilian supermodel.