There she is.

We at ESM can not stress enough how much wheels are going to separate your car from the pack. This also applies to trucks. I’ve been a fan of Giovanna since the first time I saw a Cadillac Escalade on 23 inch Giovanna Attack rims. They were big, bold, and cooooool.
These days the manufacturers have caught on and chrome dubs are a factory option. This means we need to push a little bit further, and do a bit more research to find that special wheel that says: I was born to roll.
May I suggest the Dalar by Giovanna. There are a few variations on the theme, but I love the ‘5’ in matte black. It is a simple 5 spoke with a chrome accent on the edge. OUCH. And it is one pretty piece of metal.

New school. Pay attention class, this will be on a test later.

Now that is old school! Proper!


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